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Dynamic Tube Is Hiring– Read For More Details!


Eastern Iowa is a hotbed of critical American manufacturing. Dynamic Tube is right in the thick of things. At DTI, we proudly manufacture parts for a customer base that features some of the most recognizable names in the Heavy Machinery Industry of Agriculture, Construction, Rail, Mining, Aerospace, and Defense.

If you’re interested in learning more about one of the following positions with the growing Dynamic Tube team, please contact us. You may apply in person at our head quarters at 1286 East Maple St, Maquoketa, IA 52060. You may also mail your resume or email direct attn: to Deb Swanson in HR, or! Visit for more details!

Administrative Jobs

Production Scheduler

  • Plans and organizes production scheduling by preparing, distributing, and closing production work orders.
  • Analyze MRP suggestions and determines when to issue, maintain, and adjust production planning schedules.
  • Compiles, creates, and issues work order packets for production.
  • Audits and closes completed work orders.
  • Track material usage and audits production labor entries.
  • Enters and updates selected customer sales orders into the Vantage database.

Production Jobs

Tack Welder

  • Fixturing, fit-up, tacking, welding, finishing, and inspection of welded parts.
  • Reads, interprets, and performs to specifications, blueprints and job orders.
  • Ability to build and assist with building fixtures, preparation of weld zones, tacking assemblies in position, using positioners, cleaning and repairing welds, and inspecting parts to customer specification.
  • Braze parts and check parts for braze fillet and pull through.
  • Tack weld parts for welding.
  • Great way to join our welding team!

General Fabricators

  • Operate plant machines to fabricate sub components and customer parts as directed.
  • Understand and demonstrate the ability to safely operate machine shop equipment.
  • Assemble fabrications to tolerances shown on customer prints.
  • Operate machinery to cope pipe/tubes, thread pipes, square ends of pipes, groove pipes, and bevel pipes.
  • Operate saws to cut material to size and deburr.
  • Leak test assemblies as required.
  • Clean parts and assemblies.
  • Maintain accurate records of material usage and work order progress.

Shipping Associate

  • Organize, record, and prepare for the shipment of Customer products in the Finished Goods Department.
  • Package product according to customer specifications and keep accurate documentation of all out-going shipments.
  • Organize the parts in Finished Goods.
  • Interpret router and package according to customer specifications.
  • Document / report all out-going shipments.
  • Pallet organization, preparation, and banding.
  • Load trucks with shipments.

Call or Email today for more Information! 563-651-5165 or!

Dynamic Tube Is Hiring Fabricators To Join Our Team! We Provide Training!

Dynamic Tube, Inc. (DTI) is looking for quality individuals to join our team of manufacturing fabricators. 

At DTI, we manufacture tubing and pipe parts for some of the most recognized brand names in the global heavy equipment machinery industry. As such, our customers’ teams rely heavily on DTI’s team of experienced fabrication specialists. And that’s where you come in!

The manufacturing industry sector is booming. What sets manufacturing apart from other industries is that we make real, tangible, things you can touch, see, and use.

If you want to learn the ropes of manufacturing and build a career in the manufacturing business, we provide an excellent opportunity and the training you’ll need.

Stop by DTI or Call today to introduce yourself and get more details! 563-652-5165.


Summary: Fabricator/ Builder

General Directive:

You’ll operate DTI machinery with attention to detail in order to build/ manufacture our customer’s parts and components in accordance to design and prints.

We build parts in batches, so our general fabricators are versatile, and will perform many processes. In essence, you can start by doing a little bit of everything, build skills, and develop an area of expertise into a rewarding career.

General Responsibilities And Expectations:

  1. Learn and demonstrate safety inside the plant at all times.
  2. Complete your training in order to learn the DTI’s manufacturing processes.
  3. Once trained, be responsible for working independently and in a team environment as a builder/  fabricator on various projects and pieces of machinery.
  4. Machinery operation includes but is not limited to; threading, grooving, coping, squaring ends, beveling, deburring, and end-forming of tubing and pipe.
  5. Operate saws to cut material to size.
  6. Test parts/ assemblies for leaks as specified and required utilizing DTI testing machinery.
  7. Clean and Inspect parts using DTI’s state-of-the-art cleaning and inspection equipment.
  8. Develop an understanding of the (ISO 9001:2015) Quality System common throughout the manufacturing world.
  9. Maintain accurate records of material usage and track time on internal DTI work orders.
  10. Effective communication with team members and managers to help complete projects efficiently.

Other General Attributes We Look For In A Team Member:

  • Be safe and detail oriented.
  • Maintain cleanliness of machinery and work stations after each use.
  • Report any malfunctioning or damaged equipment.
  • Be willing to learn and tackle various manufacturing processes and responsibilities in order to help get the job done.
  • Be a team player. We work together on nearly every project!


  • High school diploma.
  • Or General education degree (GED)
  • Or 1-3 months related manufacturing experience and/or training.
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience would also be considered.
  • Valid driver’s license.

In summary, stop by DTI (or call) today! Introduce yourself, fill out an application, and get more details. We’re happy to meet you. 563-652-5165.

Dynamic Tube Job Fair!

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Dynamic Tube is hosting our next hiring event! DTI will hold a Job Fair on 8/26/21 from 3-6 PM! Come learn about our open positions at DTI and building your career path in the Manufacturing business!

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High-Pressure Diesel Fuel Injection Lines


Looking for high-pressure diesel fuel injection lines? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Dynamic Tube has been in continuous operation in Maquoketa, IA for over 40 years. In the beginning, DTI was purely a manufacturer of diesel lines.

Over the years, DTI has added capabilities that now include mandrel bending, pipe welding, brazing, and light assembly. 

But all along, Dynamic Tube has never stopped producing high-pressure diesel fuel injection lines. All told, DTI still manufactures many thousands of diesel lines every year.

How do we do it?  

In order to manage that high level throughput, DTI has established the right systems, equipment, and supply chain to make world class parts quickly, efficiently, and backed by ISO9001:2015 quality assurance.

Raw Material Management

In order to make any tubing part, the process first begins with raw tubing stock and material order management. As such, we’ve developed processes that allow us to navigate the long lead times, tariffs, and supply chain disruptions common to steel tubing.

When it comes to diesel fuel injection parts, DTI also maintains an inventory of certified carbon and stainless fuel-tubing that includes ODs of 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, as well as other material like 1010, ST52, and PP600.

Setting Up the Build

Once a part has been quoted, and a purchase order has been received, the job can begin. At that point, the first step is to enter the XYZ bend data into our secure project Bend Pro software system.

Keep in mind, our bend machinery can perform multiple radius bends on one line (although we could have a friendly debate about whether that’s best practice from an engineering design standpoint).

We install the XYZ data of each part into our Bend Pro software, which synchronizes with our tube benders. From there, the fabrication process flies.

Our Fabrication Process

First, we cut the raw tubing to length. Next we deburr, chamfer, and prep the tube ends. The tubes then get sleeves. Then we end-form the tubes. End-forms can take many shapes, depending on the application. These include:

  1. A fitting (there are countless options).
  2. A preset fitting, or ermeto endform.
  3. Or a braze-on, banjo fitting.

After the tube has been properly end-formed, we bend the part per print.

At this point in the process, they look like parts. However, the job isn”t done yet.

Testing, Auto-Frettage, and Cleaning

First, the shape of the part is verified to specification using one of our state of the art Romer CMM’s.

If required, DTI has an autofrettage machine that will pre-stress diesel line parts with up to 140,000 PSI. Ultimately, the pre-stress autofrettage process results in superior part strength– and fatigue resistance.

Finally, we clean all diesel lines on our automatic flush stand. Still not done. After clean, we inspect and patch-test parts to meet clean specs.

When required, at this stage we can also perform additional light-assembly. In that case, we’ll group several parts together, and install clamps or brackets to create a complete fuel assembly. 

Throughout the entire fabrication process, we follow ISO9001:2015 standards to ensure the quality of our parts.

Pack and Ship

Diesel parts move from clean to our dedicated shipping area. Once in shipping, we package, label, and ship parts according to spec. When requested, we can ship using an OEM’s packaging or labels, either to a warehouse or direct to an end-user. 

DTI also interfaces with logistics. We schedule freight pick-ups with carriers, deliver parts ourselves when feasible, and frequently go above and beyond to get the job done for our customers.  

In summary, our diesel area is a microcosm of Dynamic Tube. Put another way, every part we manufacture at DTI follows a similar journey as our diesel lines.

That said, if you have a high-pressure diesel fuel injection lines to outsources, contact us today. If you’re a North American OEM looking for a reliable, long term supplier-partnership to bolster your supply chain– Dynamic Tube wants to work with you. Let’s talk!

Call us at 563-652-5165 to say hello, or email your prints directly to

CASE STUDY: A Make Vs. Buy Analysis

Dynamic Tube recently approached a new customer who is dealing with a common problem.

By winning them over with our technical expertise, on-time delivery, fair pricing, and quality control, Dynamic Tube solved their problem.

The Problem

For as long as anyone remembers, they’ve been fabricating all their own bent tubing parts in-house.  Now, a handful of factors have come into play that has made it wise to investigate transferring their bent tubing parts to an outside source.  Technological advances have allowed them to create a better product.  And this customer is on the right side of Moore’s Law, adapting and evolving in turn.

In short, our customer’s end-users declared their preference for a different, more complex end-form to their tubing.  One that our customer was not properly tooled for.  Moreover, their new Machine designs have doubled the number of tubes they use, increasing part volume.  And with more tubes in confined space, Engineering was required to add more complexity in their bends.

They Say Busy Is Good, Right?

What to do?  Their new product advancements will situate them as an industry leader on the cutting edge.  But it became apparent that their old in-house hand benders could not handle the increased volume and complexity of these new parts.

So the Customer performed a cost analysis.  They looked at the cost of buying the dies required to make the new end-forms.  They investigated purchasing a CNC bender to handle the more complex tubing bends and part volume.  Ultimately the cost of a CNC bender could not be justified unless they kept it running night and day.

The Customer said, “and we don’t want to become a tube bender.”  Tube bending is not part of their business model, and certainly not their core competency.  After considering a cost vs. buy analysis of their bent tubing, it was determined that outsourcing was a good option.

The Era Of Specialization

That’s where Dynamic Tube comes in.  Fabricated Tubing is our core competency.  We specialize in attaining economy of scale with fabricated tubing.  We bend tube all day, every day and have for 4o years.

By demonstrating our technical expertise and support– along with quality parts, fair pricing, and on-time delivery to the customer during the prototype and limited production builds, we earned their trust to handle not just their production volumes, but the legacy parts that had previously been hand bent.

This customer decided it was money well-spent to let us perform our job as specialists, freeing them up to focus on their core competencies.

By winning them over with our value proposition– technical expertise, fair pricing, on-time delivery, and rigid quality control, Dynamic Tube solved this customer’s build-vs-buy riddle.  We now look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship that will last with a new Customer who’s excited about what we do for them


National Manufacturing Day


Dynamic Tube Inc. is an ISO 9001-2015 registered company.  Our quality system and procedures have also been certified by several of our customers. Our internal processes are always improving to meet the needs of international standards and our customer.

DTI Quality Policy

Dynamic Tube Inc. will strive to provide Customer Satisfaction driven by the objective of continuous improvement.