Case Study: A Make Vs Buy Analysis

Dynamic Tube recently approached a new customer who is dealing with a common problem.

By winning them over with our technical expertise, on-time delivery, fair pricing, and quality control, Dynamic Tube solved their problem.

The Problem

For as long as anyone remembers, they’ve been fabricating all their own bent tubing parts in-house.  Now, a handful of factors have come into play that has made it wise to investigate transferring their bent tubing parts to an outside source.  Technological advances have allowed them to create a better product.  And this customer is on the right side of Moore’s Law, adapting and evolving in turn.

In short, our customer’s end-users declared their preference for a different, more complex end-form to their tubing.  One that our customer was not properly tooled for.  Moreover, their new Machine designs have doubled the number of tubes they use, increasing part volume.  And with more tubes in confined space, Engineering was required to add more complexity in their bends.

They Say Busy Is Good, Right?

What to do?  Their new product advancements will situate them as an industry leader on the cutting edge.  But it became apparent that their old in-house hand benders could not handle the increased volume and complexity of these new parts.

So the Customer performed a cost analysis.  They looked at the cost of buying the dies required to make the new end-forms.  They investigated purchasing a CNC bender to handle the more complex tubing bends and part volume.  Ultimately the cost of a CNC bender could not be justified unless they kept it running night and day.

The Customer said, “and we don’t want to become a tube bender.”  Tube bending is not part of their business model, and certainly not their core competency.  After considering a cost vs. buy analysis of their bent tubing, it was determined that outsourcing was a good option.

The Era Of Specialization

That’s where Dynamic Tube comes in.  Fabricated Tubing is our core competency.  We specialize in attaining economy of scale with fabricated tubing.  We bend tube all day, every day and have for 4o years.

By demonstrating our technical expertise and support– along with quality parts, fair pricing, and on-time delivery to the customer during the prototype and limited production builds, we earned their trust to handle not just their production volumes, but the legacy parts that had previously been hand bent.

This customer decided it was money well-spent to let us perform our job as specialists, freeing them up to focus on their core competencies.

By winning them over with our value proposition– technical expertise, fair pricing, on-time delivery, and rigid quality control, Dynamic Tube solved this customer’s build-vs-buy riddle.  We now look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship that will last with a new Customer who’s excited about what we do for them


Reports To:            General Manager
FLSA Status:         Exempt
Supervises:            None


Develop procedures and provide guidance in the production of fabricated tube weldments and assemblies. Manages a welding training program in compliance with customer requirements industry standards and serves as a management resource interpreting weld and fab requirements in support of new business capture and production processes.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Interprets technical requirements for weld and braze, monitors, and supports related production and business capture activities.
  2. Provides training, technical, assistance and support to other departments regarding weld braze and related fab.
  3. Establish and implement engineering work instructions and documentation per ISO9001, company policy, and document procedures for related weld and fab.
  4. Current working knowledge of industry standards and compliance programs.
  5. Design and develop tooling/fixtures for weld and braze production.
  6. Research, develop, and improve existing manufacturing processes as well as investigating alternative processes.
  7. Recommend and implement cost reduction programs.

General Duties:

  1. Implementation and maintenance of weld program in compliance with AWS and customers specifications.
  2. Provide technical support for production, customer inquiries, quotation, and new business capture.
  3. Establishes equipment performance specifications, action plans, work instructions, weld procedures, test procedures, and other documentation to support factory operations.
  4. Improves existing processes to increase safety, quality, productivity, product flow and reliability through innovative solutions.
  5. Recommends and justifies equipment purchases and oversees installation and monitors use.
  1. ISO9001 awareness and compliance
  2. Serve as a collaborative member of management team


  1. Bachelor’s (BA/BS) in welding or manufacturing engineering preferred. Experience and industrial educational equivalency considered.
  2. Minimum of five years’ experience in general metal fabrication with emphasis on weld, braze and metal joining techniques, all industry accreditation and certifications considered.



  • Job Title:                    Manufacturing Engineer
  •     Reports To:           General Manager
  • FLSA Status:            Exempt
  •     Supervises:            None


Plans, coordinates, and directs quality control program designated to ensure continuous production of products consistent with established standards by performing the following duties personally or through others.

General Responsibilities:

  1. Direct and manage the activities of the engineering department.
  2. Provides training, technical assistance and support to other departments.
  3. Provides overall ISO9001 focus to the plant.
  4. Establish and implement engineering work instructions and documentation as defined by ISO9001, company policy, and procedure
  5. Develops and analyzes statistical data and product specifications to determine present standards and establish proposed quality and reliability expectancy of finished product.
  6. Determine, design and procure tooling/fixtures for production.
  7. Interprets quality control philosophy to key personnel in organization.
  8. Research, develop, and improve existing manufacturing processes as well as investigating alternative processes.
  9. Implement cost reduction programs.

General Duties:

  1. Provides training, technical assistance and support to other departments engaged in inspection and testing activities.
  2. Works with vendors to insure quality of all purchased parts for company use.
  3. Provide technical support for customer’s questions and concerns
  1. Prepare customer quotes as well as provides technical coordination.
  2. Research and analyze data such as customer design proposals, specifications, and manuals to determine feasibility of design or application.
  1. Investigates and adjusts customer complaints regarding quality.
  2. Makes improvements in current processes to improve efficiencies.
  3. ISO9001 awareness / quality responsibility.
  4. And all other duties as assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) from four-year college or university.
  2. Minimum of five years experience in quality assurance, preferably in the ISO-9001 environment.




National Manufacturing Day


Dynamic Tube Inc. is an ISO 9001-2015 registered company.  Our quality system and procedures have also been certified by several of our customers. Our internal processes are always improving to meet the needs of international standards and our customer.

DTI Quality Policy

Dynamic Tube Inc. will strive to provide Customer Satisfaction driven by the objective of continuous improvement.